Revealed: NEW Form of Cardio That Melts Up To 9 Pounds of Fat Every 14 Days With ZERO Equipment

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Introducing a revolutionary NEW 20 minute cardio training breakthrough that will put an end to marathon workouts – forever!

Plus… Discover the 3 BIG mistakes you’re probably making that stunt your body’s ability to lose fat.


My name is Kate Vidulich and I’m known as New York City’s #1 go-to expert for busy people that want to lose body fat using short, simple workouts that they can do anywhere, anytime.

If you’re over the age of 35 and you’re frustrated with weight gain, a sluggish metabolism, and lack of permanent results, then I’ve got some good news for you…

Today you’re going to discover what just very well may be the single most powerful and effective way to use your body’s own weight to burn up to 500 calories in a single short workout – all while you sculpt a sexy waistline, and kiss your fat rolls goodbye forever.

Yes, that’s an unbelievably huge claim in a market already filled with hype and empty promises, but I’ve been testing this exact method on hundreds of my boot camp clients for months now… and it’s currently delivering results better than anything they’ve ever tried.

So just stick with me a bit longer and I’ll show you the proof in pictures AND I’ll back it up with science…

…because if you’re anything like me then you’re probably a little skeptical as you read this and you want to see the proof, right?

20 minutes or less

You’ll also learn my secret fat loss formula that solves the 3 most common BIG mistakes found in many of today’s popular fat loss programs.

Frankly, it’s appalling to see these same mistakes made over and over. Not because I don’t expect more from fitness experts (I definitely do), but because of how their negligence confuses innocent people like you who just want to work hard.

You see, many of my clients come to me after having tried unsuccessfully to lose weight. I can tell they’re fed up, embarrassed, and ashamed of how they look. Some have even privately shared with me that when they pick out what to wear in the morning, it isn’t based on what they like best, but what covers them up the most.

I don’t know, maybe you’ve felt that way before, too. I know I have.

Fortunately, in just a minute I’m going to show you how the proven fat loss formula below can immediately accelerate your results—as early as your next workout…


I’ll explain what these letters mean in just a minute, but a few things to know now…

1First, everything you’re about to read is based on the latest scientific research, and backed by real results. This means occasionally you’ll come across a number at the end of a sentence. Like this (1). Those are citations of the scientific journals that this amazing fat burning information is based on.

2Next, with this formula you will NOT need to train 7 days a week… or six… or even five for that matter. That’s overkill, not to mention it leads to weight GAIN. (2) You’ll discover why 20-minute workouts are the sweet spot to getting fitter, and leaner with no equipment, in just a minute.

3Third, with this formula you will NOT need a single piece of equipment – not a pair of dumbbells, not a pull-up bar, not even a stability ball. That easily makes this training method one of the most convenient ways to blast away body fat anywhere, anytime.

4And last, with this formula you will NOT need to do jumping exercises for an entire workout. That’s dangerous and can lead to injury. Plus, it also adds excessive stress on your joints.

The truth is, while each of the principles within this formula is simple, they are also extremely powerful when applied. Once you know how to use it, and by fix those three BIG mistakes, I promise your fat loss efforts will come so much easier and faster.

But before we get to those mistakes, there’s a story I’d like to share with you.

It’s pretty humiliating actually…

Because while for the past 10 years I’ve been fortunate to help thousands of men and women lose weight and reshape their bodies, I wasn’t always the lean and self-assured fat loss expert I am today. I was far from it.

You see, when I was in first year of undergrad at the University of NSW in Sydney, Australia, I took a course called, Sports Science. Most of my classmates had healthy-looking physiques, and I’m sure many of them would’ve said the same about me, too. But that’s only because I wore baggy pants and loose-fitting tops to cover up my fat hiding underneath. In reality, I was 20 pounds overweight and doing everything I could to hide my shame.

That all changed the day our Professor told us to pair up and take one another’s body fat measurements. I went into panic-mode. All I could think about was how everyone would find out just how fat and unattractive I really was.

I wasn’t about to let that happen.

So what did I do?

Well, I seriously considered missing that class, which would have meant failing the course. But I didn’t do that. Truth be told, I’m no better for what I ultimately did do.

Like I said, I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I’m sharing it with you because I want you to know that you’re not alone. I know very well the pain of feeling rejected and undesirable….

So, I purposely chose the largest person in the class to be my partner because I knew my results wouldn’t be as humiliating as hers. I also spent the entire weekend figuring out how to skew my body fat results.

I’m not proud of what I did. But I was afraid everyone would think I was fat and ugly. In the end, however, everyone saw what I’d spent years trying to hide.

But interestingly… this was actually the catalyst for turning my life around. Because it was in those few mortifying moments when I finally realized I had to stop doing cardio if I ever wanted a better body.

Let me ask you this…

Have you ever felt like losing weight, getting lean, and looking great just wasn’t possible for you, and that no matter what you did, you’d still never have a lean body?

I have, and it doesn’t feel very good. But if what I just shared sounds at all familiar, let me assure you it’s not your fault.

You see, the unfortunate reality is that many of today’s popular workouts are not sustainable. They are either too hard, take up too much time, or deliver too few results. Fortunately, the solution is fixing these three BIG mistakes.

The 3 Big Mistakes You Must Fix If You Want To Shrink Your Belly!

Mistake #1: Doing Too Many High Impact Exercises

You probably already know why you should do strength training if fat loss is your goal (it builds muscle which improves your blood sugar, so fewer carbs get stored as fat).

But what about explosive training?

Basically, explosive training helps you develop power, which is how quickly you can exert force to produce movement. For example, it’s power, not just strength that gets you out of a burning building in time, or can prevent you from falling when you start to lose your balance.

Now if done correctly, explosive training can also be used to improve your strength, increase your overall mobility and agility, and boosts your fat burning rate.

Here’s the problem though…

As you age, muscle power fades faster than muscle strength. So adding exercises to increase power becomes especially important later in life. (3) But…

You really have to be careful. Too many programs today do it wrong, which can have disastrous side effects.

arrow-red1. Doing Too Much Explosive Training

girl jumping You’ll often see Explosive “Jump” training, in many of today’s popular fat loss workouts. And that’s fine… it’s a great way to increase both speed and power.

However, the trouble is the way it’s being used and who is using it.

You see, explosive jump training was originally designed for athletes. But today, more often than not it’s your average Joe using it to get in-shape. And that’s a BIG problem…

Because you should never, ever do explosive jump training before you’ve built up a solid foundation of strength. That means if you are a beginner (or been out of it for a while) it’s best you start with a preparation phase before you doing any type of jumping.

Unfortunately, many programs make you do jump training for an entire workout and puts you dangerously at risk.

arrow-red2. Using A “One Size Fits All” Approach

Much like strength training, you’ll get the best results from explosive jump training when using exercises suited for your fitness level.

The problem is, most programs list standard “one-size fits all” jumping exercises.

For example, Total Body Extensions are a fantastic explosive exercise for beginners. But more advanced people would burn more calories doing a more difficult exercise, like Jump Squats.

So make sure the workout program you’re using offers progressions and regressions for its exercises. Not only will the workout become more challenging and less discouraging, it’ll also be much safer. And that’s what leads to rapid results.

Mistake #2: Not Keeping Intensity High Enough

When it comes to burning more calories and preserving lean muscle, high intensity exercise is KING.

But you already know that—you read the top fitness websites… you check out the HIT workouts they create… and you see all the research they share. Heck, you’ve probably even heard about the research study I was involved in at the University of NSW. It was published in the prestigious International Journal of Obesity, showing that high intensity training doubled fat burning in half the time, compared to long boring cardio. (4)

However, you may not know that most people are doing it wrong.

Now how can you possibly mess up high intensity workouts, when it’s something as simple as alternating periods of work with periods of rest? Easy….

arrow-red1. Poor Exercise Selection

You want fast results. I get it. But choosing an exercise that you can’t do with correct form for the allotted time eliminates the calorie burning benefits.

So what should you do instead? Choose an easier exercise. By doing this, you’ll keep your intensity high and achieve the desired fat burning effect.

For example, if you’re supposed to do 45 seconds of pushups, but you know that you’ll barely last 20, do an incline push up instead.

arrow-red2. Intervals are Too Long with No Rest

How long do you think you could sustain an 8 out of 10 exertion level… with perfect form?after-burn

If you said not long, you’d be right. Because it’s REALLY hard.

But that’s high intensity training. And every interval must be performed this way if you want to reap the benefits of the “afterburn” effect. This is when your body continues to burn calories 24-48 hours after you stop working out.

Unfortunately, too many men and women aren’t getting their intensity high enough or resting long enough, and they’re basically doing a glorified steady-state cardio workout…!

Mistake #3: Not Using Progressive Overload

Now, this final workout mistake is THE single most important factor that can stop you from getting results.

You see, the human body doesn’t like change, and is involved in a constant process of adapting to the stress placed upon it. While this has its benefits, if you don’t know how to force your body to change, you will never achieve consistent fat loss.

Let me explain…

When you stress your body in a way it’s not used to (overload), the body reacts by causing physiological changes (adaptation), so it can handle that stress in a better way the next time it occurs.Progressive Overload

But to be effective, this stress must be PLANNED. Randomly changing exercises, program-hopping, or using daily workouts you find online will only lead to sub-par improvements, and a plateau.

That’s also why people at the gym performing the same exercises with the same weight/reps every time always look the same, too. They aren’t using progressive overload.

To get amazing abs and build a better body, you need to make your workout more difficult over time. That’s progressive overload – doing more work over time. And the best way to do that is by using a structured proven program built around your goals… and sticking with it long enough to see results.

So there you have it—the three BIG mistakes found in many of today’s fat loss programs, and in all likelihood, the reason for your lackluster results in the past.

But while learning about these mistakes, you also discovered the solution: the ultimate fat loss formula…

Explosive Training + High Intensity + Progressive Overload = Real Fast Results

And since you now know not only what the problem is, but also the solution… you can fix it.

Remember – it’s not your fault you struggled before, but it is your responsibility to fix it now.

So what if I told you there is an even easier way to build an amazing body and burn up to 500 calories a workout? And what if I told you this simple method doesn’t require the use of a single piece of equipment?

You see, if you could do that, you’d be able to crank up your post-workout calorie burn by 450%… and do it just about anywhere, anytime. (5) Can you just imagine how much more fat you’d burn?

Yep, a lot more.bodyweight cardio 500

Just imagine how empowering it would feel to finally be in complete control of your weight loss and how adept you would be when you are alive, vibrant, healthy and full of energy… not to mention how good you would look wearing the clothes you’ve always wanted to wear, because now they fit!

And here’s more good news…

There’s actually a super simple, fun, and extremely convenient way to achieve all of that, and even better, it only takes 20 minutes, just four times per week.

I’d like to introduce you to:
bodyweight cardio 500

Bodyweight Cardio 500 is the first and only workout program that takes just 20 minutes to burn a whopping 500 calories, and doesn’t kill your knees.

In fact, according to the American College of Sports Medicine, a 20-minute workout, four times per week, is the sweet spot for losing weight, building strength, and getting in shape. (6)

That’s why if you’re a busy woman like Rachel Horner, or tired of doing the same boring style of workout like Paul Betz, both clients of mine, you’ll love how short and powerful these workouts are.

“Kate has changed my life in the best way possible.”

“When I first came to Long Island Fit Body Boot Camp, I was 172 pounds and miserable. It was the heaviest I’d ever been and I was very nervous about joining a boot camp as I assumed I’d never be able to keep up. Before working out with Kate, I never really exercised. I’d go through usual cycles of joining a gym, going five times and then never going again.

Kate made working out fun for me, which I thought was an unachievable feat. I lost over 50 pounds, and also gained a confidence I’d never had before. I honestly mean it when I say Kate has changed my life in the best way possible.”

– Rachel Horner, New York, NY

Paul lost 25lbs in 12 weeks and Won $1000!

Before weight: 199lbs
After weight: 174lbs

“I started seeing results and started getting excited. Never had I felt the way I was feeling after being in boot camp for a while. I actually looked forward to exercising!

Instead of spending 45 minutes on the elliptical and even more time on weights bored out of my mind, I’m doing burpees, squats, push ups, plank exercises and more in a circuit that really gets my heart rate up, metabolism working and strengthening my muscles at the same time, all in a short workout! It’s the perfect style of training for a busy New Yorker.

It has completely changed my life. I look better, feel healthier, have way more energy, booming confidence and so much more motivation and courage than before. I’ve accomplished something I didn’t think was possible and now the sky is the limit!”

Paul Betz, 32, New York, NY

This truly is a real, sustainable solution to losing a bunch of weight and keeping it off forever. But more importantly, this training system will transform the way you feel about yourself… like it has with many of my clients, including Jen Theien and Kim Tebbs…

Busy Mom of Two Loses 18.1 Pounds and Gets Back to the Person She Was

“This past January I found myself in a rut. I needed to lose weight and feel better about myself… I started working out with Kate at the Long Island Fit Body Boot Camp, and not only did I find something I loved. I became addicted.

The boot camp workouts were extremely hard and intense in the beginning, but as soon as I started seeing results I kept pushing harder. I was becoming so strong, losing weight and the inches were melting off. I actually looked forward to exercising!!!

As a mom of 2, my life can be pretty hectic. This has been a perfect solution to get me back to the person I was.”

– Jen Theien, New York, NY

“I’m hooked! I don’t ever want to look back”

Before weight: 185lbs
After weight: 166lbs

“It’s true that when you see results you want to keep doing more. Years of treadmills and miles of walking and I never saw the results I see now.

My body fat is going down. I am feeling better. I am sleeping better. Clothes that hang in my closet are starting to fit again. People are saying I look better. I am starting to feel more confident.

I’m motivated now. I don’t ever want to look back. I’m not sure why it took so long to find something that works, but this has. I’m hooked!”

– Kim Tebbs, 47, New York, NY

Now, before I go any further, I should tell you what Bodyweight Cardio 500 is NOTso that you know what to expect


While other programs may promise you similar results in less than 20 minutes, what you may not realize is how incredibly HARD you would have to work in order to achieve it. With BC 500, you’ll push yourself, no doubt about that… but it won’t seem impossible, nor will it seem so boring you want to quit.


If you’ve ever had to stop working out or take a break from a program because it was hurting your knees, this is NOT that kind of program. In fact, an entire phase of this program is dedicated to preparing your body for safe amounts of jumping exercises.


If you’ve ever invested in a program, thinking you were getting “no equipment” workouts, only to find out later on that you actually needed a pull-up bar, a stability ball, and so on, you’ll be glad to know that with BC 500 you literally need ZERO equipment to rapidly lose fat.

So what can you expect? Simple…

A 30-day, cutting-edge, step-by-step workout plan that offers a huge variety of fun and challenging ways to lose up to 9 pounds of pure fat in 30 days (only 80 minutes per week).

Here’s Exactly What You Get With The Bodyweight Cardio 500 System:

Component 1: Bodyweight Cardio 500 Fast Start Guide ($39.95 Value)

In the Bodyweight Cardio 500 Fast Start Guide you will discover:

  • Exactly what you should do in the first week on this program to get the absolute best fat loss results.
  • The Workout Assessment Test I personally created to ensure you start at the appropriate level and get the fastest results possible.
  • Perfect if you’re short on time and just want to hit the ground running.

Component 2: 30 day Bodyweight Cardio 500 Workout Plan ($69.95 Value)

In the 30 day Bodyweight Cardio 500 Workout Plan you will discover:

  • A day-by-day action plan, outlining exactly what you need to do in order to rapidly lose fat and build a lean, sculpted body with high intensity workouts strategically designed to burn 300 or 500 calories each
  • Cutting-edge workouts using the Ultimate Fat Loss Formula to crank up your calorie burn and melt away stubborn body fat hours after you stop working out.
  • Detailed exercise descriptions to ensure you safely perform the exercises, along with a comprehensive workout log and chart to track your progress.
  • And much more…

Component 3: 15 Bodyweight Cardio 500 Coaching Videos ($79.95 Value)

In the Bodyweight Cardio 500 Coaching Videos you will discover:

  • Exercise demo videos where I coach you step by step on how to safely and effectively execute the exercises for maximum results. Because it’s not enough to simply do the exercises… you must do them right.
  • These are perfect if you prefer watching live demonstrations rather than simply looking at still pictures.
  • Plus, sneaky tricks to maximize your performance and see faster results.

Component 4: The Bodyweight Cardio 500 Exercise Library ($29.95 Value)

In Bodyweight Cardio 500 Exercise Library you will discover:

  • High quality photos and descriptions of every exercise found in the program, including step-by-step instructions to help you execute each move with perfect form.
  • Over 100 pages of fun and unique fat burning exercises that keep your workouts fresh and force your body to adapt, burn fat, and get leaner – faster.
  • The most advanced ZERO equipment exercises that save you time while delivering maximum results.

Listen, if you want the real, no-gimmick answer to permanent weight loss…

… and a sexy, confident beach body without hours and hours of long boring cardio, or vomit-inducing, knee-destroying workouts, Bodyweight Cardio 500 isn’t just the perfect system for you… it’s the only system for you.

Now, you might expect that this addictive, one-of-a-kind fat loss system would be expensive. After all, the few clients I still actually personal train in New York City willingly dole out $200 an hour so they never have to think about what to do to stay lean and sexy… or worry about frustrating plateaus ever again.

But it’s not.

You see, I wanted to make sure that if you decided to transform your life through weight loss, that you could afford it. Now, I’ll explain more about that in a minute, but first…

… you should know that you’re not just getting Bodyweight Cardio 500 today. Nope. Because you took action and read this article, you’re also going to get TWO special bonuses, each worth $29.99, absolutely FREE.

PLUS, TODAY, You’ll Get As A FREE Bonus – The 14 Day Trouble Spot Fix Detailing EXACTLY What You Need To Do To Boost Your Metabolism AND TORCH STUBBORN BODY FAT OFF Your Problem Areas While You Sleep!

2 special bonuses

The BIG Bonus #1: 14 Day Trouble Spot Fix Workouts ($29.99 Value)

In the 14 Day Trouble Spot Fix Workouts you will discover:

  • The TOP Bodyweight Workouts that you can add-on to the end of your routine to target your Butt, Abs, and Arms and done in less than 4 minutes
  • How you can easily sculpt sexy glutes and thighs, flat abs and lean, visibly defined arms in the fastest time possible
  • A day-by-day plan showing you EXACTLY what you need to do to safely burn the maximum amount of inches off your problem areas in 14 days

The BIG Bonus #2: 14 day Trouble Spot Fix Meal Plans ($29.99 Value)

In the 14 Day Trouble Spot Fix Meal Plans you will discover:

  • A daily meal plan showing you EXACTLY what you need to eat at the right time to accelerate your results.
  • How to choose delicious, fat burning foods and never feel deprived or starved again
  • Sneaky tricks to beat cravings and stop rebound weight gain so you keep your new figure!


Bodyweight Cardio 500 program


The Best part Is That This Entire System Is Completely Downloadable, So Once You Invest In This System, You Will Get INSTANT ACCESS RIGHT NOW – No Waiting.

As you can see, the total value of the Bodyweight Cardio 500 System is a whopping $279.78!!

All of these programs are guaranteed to help you burn belly fat and get more body sculpting results in less time than ever before…and all without stepping on a single treadmill.

But once again, because I know the difference this program can make on your life I want to offer you the entire Bodyweight Cardio 500 System not for $279.78, but at huge discount off the retail price.

The Bodyweight Cardio 500 System

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If you’re stunned because you realize this tiny investment for everything is significantly less than a single session with a personal trainer… even in a small town, less than a monthly gym membership, and no doubt less than any dangerous diet pill you’ll find, hold on a second because I’m not done…

Because I believe in what I teach and know that you will experience head turning results just like all of the good folks that I’ve helped in the past, I will not just promise life changing results – I will absolutely guarantee them…

Try Bodyweight Cardio 500 System With A 60 Day, ZERO Risk 
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Try out this NEW Bodyweight Cardio 500 System with absolutely no risk and if you don’t have a life changing, total body transformation unlike anything you’ve experienced before, simply drop me an email anytime in the next 60 days and I’ll promptly issue you a 100% refund.

No questions asked. Plus you can keep the free bonuses as my way of saying thanks for trying it out.

I want to completely protect you with an iron-clad 100% money back guarantee so that you risk nothing to claim your new body with Bodyweight Cardio 500 today.

Remember, you’re getting access to everything in the Bodyweight Cardio 500 program, including the main system, the fast start kit, the Coaching Videos and exercise library, and the 14 Day Trouble Spot Fix System bonus pack when you click the add to cart button below.

You now have all the answers you need to rapidly melt away stubborn fat and get the body you desire, and deserve. So if you’re sitting there right now overweight and frustrated, you have two options….

The first option is to do nothing about what you’ve just learned here today. Either that means continuing to use the same flawed workouts and exercises you’ve always used before, or simply not starting a proven program that follows the ultimate fat loss formula. Nothing will have changed, and in all honesty, you’ll risk looking this way this time next year.

Or… you can act now. Join me, and the thousands of men and women just like you who are finally ready to take back their lives and transform their lives forever.

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Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, Master CTT
Exercise Physiologist
Author, Bodyweight Cardio 500

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P.P.P.S. You deserve to look and feel your best. So take action and change your life today. It really is a no-risk proposition!



Q: I want to start losing fat now. Will I have to wait for you to ship me all this information before I can get started?

A: No! You can download the entire program immediately after your purchase in just minutes – and start using these NEW fat burning techniques today! No shipping fees, no waiting for results!

Q: I’m not in my 20’s or 30’s. Will this program still work for someone considerably older?

A: Yes. We’ve already had plenty of people in their 50’s and 60’s experience massive success while using the program. You can start at the beginner level and still make excellent progress. The program is designed to have you losing fat fast while increasing your metabolism – no matter what age you are. So, simply start with Beginner phase (Bodyweight Cardio 300) and you’ll make excellent progress.

Q: What equipment do I need for these workouts?

A: ZERO. The workouts are designed with bodyweight only, so as long as you have a body, you don’t need anything else.

Q: So how do you KNOW these workouts actually burn up to 500 calories each?

A: Great question. The answer is simple – we tested each workout on an experimental group of more than 10 people. Each person was strapped to Polar Heart Rate monitors with advanced calorie settings, and we measured the read-out.

Q: But how can you claim “500 calories burned per workout” when people of different sizes burn calories at different rates?

A: The workouts were tested on the “average” sized individual. My clients were a mix of men and women, who weighed between 125lbs and 250+lbs.

If you weigh more, you will actually burn MORE calories, while people who weigh less will burn slightly less.

When you include the calories burned post workout in the “afterburn” period, the 500 calorie workouts actually burn WAY more than 500 calories even for people with a lower body weight.

Q: What if I’m a relative beginner, or can’t do high impact exercises? Can I still use this program?

A: Yes! I wanted to make the program suitable for all levels of fitness so you can supercharge your workouts no matter what stage you’re at now.
The program has two levels of difficulty:

Beginner: 300 calorie Accelerator workouts
Intermediate/Advanced: 500 calorie Accelerator workouts

To figure out where you should start, there is a cutting edge assessment workout included in the package.

Q: What if the workouts are too hard?

A: Start conservatively. Take a longer rest between sets or reduce the number of rounds initially. Exercises can always be substituted.

Q: How soon can I expect to see results?

A: Depending where you are with your current training, you should notice results in the first two weeks. Some of my clients have lost 9 pounds in the first two weeks. By the end of your first month, you’ll have noticeable changes.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?

A: Then it’s 100% FREE.
Just drop me a line some time before 60 days, and I’ll issue you a no-questions asked refund. I stand behind this program, and truly believe it is the most effective no-equipment training system to deliver fast, real results.

If doesn’t yield those results for you when followed, you get your money back. No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Exclusive Offer

Normally $45NOW ONLY $20

Yes! Add the Bodyweight Cardio 500 System to my order for just $20

Questions? Please email me at

1. This is an example
2. Rosenkilde, et al. (2012). Body fat loss and compensatory mechanism in response to different doses of aerobic exercise – a randomized controlled trial in overweight sedentary males. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. Aug 1
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4. Trapp, E.G., Chisholm, D.J., Freund, J., Boutcher, S.H. (2008). The effects of high-intensity intermittent exercise training on fat loss and fasting insulin levels of young women. International Journal of Obesity. 32(4):684–691
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